Citroen number two driver Dani Sordo failed to finish the Rallye de France-Tour de Corse last weekend, following an accident on the first day.

Sordo crashed out 800 metres from the start of SS3 - the 27.42 kilometre-run through Arbellara-Aullene 1 on Friday, when he hit a bank in his C4 WRC car. He had been running in second place.

Although Sordo and co-driver Marti Marti both escaped uninjured, they were not able to restart under the SupeRally, as it was deemed that a safety-related component situated at the front-left corner had been damaged.

It was an unfortunate end for the Spaniard, who was gunning for his fourth podium in succession. It also ends an unbroken run of nine points finishes stretching right back to the Rally Argentina at the end of March.

"About 800 metres after the start of SS3, there was a small bump in the braking zone for a left-hand turn at the end of a particularly fast, narrow, downhill section, and that was enough to cause my car to lift slightly," Sordo explained.

"I braked as hard as I could without locking the wheels but the rear of my C4 hit a bank which caused the front end to hit a rock. That in turn ripped off the left-side wheel and we were unable to continue.

"It's a huge shame. I had found a good pace, I felt completely at one with my car and we had just moved into second place too."



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