Two-time World Superbike champion Troy Corser made the trip up to Cumbria this week to sample firsthand the capabilities of the Ford Focus RS WRC car.

The Australian rider completed approximately 28 kilometres in the Cumbrian forest of Greystoke with some expert tuition from Stobart Ford man Matthew Wilson. Wilson then jumped behind the wheel to show the Superbike expert how the rally boys do their stuff on an alien surface to Corser's 210bhp Superbike.

The rider found the brakes, handling and launch-control of the Focus RS the most impressive part of the package and was amazed at how late such a heavy piece of kit (compared to a 162 kilogram Superbike) could brake for corners on this slippery and muddy surface.

Corser also made the trip to M-Sport after the test for a look around the facilities which have taken Ford to the top-level in the WRC.

While Corser enjoyed his opportunity to drive the Focus RS tremendously he was quite certain that bikes would remain his forte as he heads into his 16th World Superbike season next year.

Wilson was also impressed by how quickly the 36-year-old got up-to-speed with the car despite this being his first outing in a WRC and in the narrow, tree-lined forest roads of Greystoke.

"It was great to be able to show a two-wheeled World Champion how we do things in our sport," said Wilson. "I was really impressed with his immediate pace despite the fact he had never driven a WRC before let alone on a slippery surface like Greystoke.

"Troy got to grips with how to handle the Focus straight away and given some more time, and maybe less trees, I think he would have the ability to really put the foot down. It was fun taking him for a few laps in the co-driver's seat too. I think how late the car was braking for corners really impressed him."



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