Ford boss Malcolm Wilson has confirmed that Patrick Pivato is continuing to make 'good progress' following his accident on the Rally Japan.

Pivato was left seriously injured when he and Francois Duval crashed out on the opening day of the penultimate round in the World Rally Championship. Pivato suffered a fractured pelvis, broken right fibia and internal bleeding in the incident.

The Frenchman is now recovering back in his home country and while he faces further surgery he is on the road to recovery.

"I am really relieved and pleased to be able to advise you that he is now back home in France and as far as I know at the moment, the operation he had a couple of days ago was quite successful," Malcolm told Radio.

"Certainly he is definitely off the danger list now. Obviously it was very, very worrying in Japan because he was critical. But I am really pleased to say that he is making good progress.

"He will be out for quite a while but I think everybody is just relieved that he is now back in France and undergoing the various operations to repair the various breakages he had."

Pivato meanwhile has now created a website - - to provide regular updates on his progress. In it he pays tribute to all his friends and family, as well as Duval, Malcolm Wilson and Denis Giraudet and a number of other people in the WRC for all their help and support, especially the nine that donated blood.

"Where would I be without the nine benefactors who gave their blood, so that my life could continue?" he ponders. "I have great pleasure in naming you: Nick 'Dobby' Beckett (Suzuki), Silvano Bisio (Pirelli), Eric Lighter (Autohebdo), Xavier Gu?gan (ERTF), David Lapworth (Subaru), John Millets (Subaru), Benoit Nogier (Citroen Sport Technologies), Toni Pehkonen (Suzuki) and David Vissenga (FIA medical delegate).

"I hope to be able to thank you all myself before long. The WRC showed, once more, that we are a real family and we can all be proud of that. This just shows how important it is to give blood. I am undeniable proof it can save lives."

Pivato now faces further surgery over the coming weeks as part of his rehabilitation programme.



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