The FIA has reaffirmed that the World Rally Championship will be an S2000-based series from the 2010 season after the latest meeting of the World Motor Sport Council revealed further details about the future WRC car.

Plans had already been revealed for the WRC to adopt new regulations, but the FIA has now revealed changes to the proposed removable performance kit that would bring cars to WRC standard.

In order to keep costs down, no electronic benefits or upgrades will be allowed, with the official WRC website reporting that the kit is likely to be limited to a turbo, revised inlet and exhaust manifolds, a quickshift gearshift with paddleshift on the steering wheel and an aero package including a rear wing and front spoiler.

The new cars will only be permitted for use on WRC events, while Group N cars will continue to compete in the Production World Rally Championship alongside existing S2000 machines.

"As already announced, the 2010 World Rally Car will be S2000 based," a WMSC statement read. "However, the removable kit, already adopted by the WMSC, will be redefined with no electronic benefits, or similar upgrades, to ensure cost reductions. The new S2000-based World Rally Car will only be permitted for use on World Rally Championship events.

"The FIA Production Car World Rally Championship will be retained for Group N cars, including the existing S2000 car."

The FIA also revealed that exclusive negotiations have started with Ralliart Italy to supply and service Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution cars for the Pirelli Star Drivers to take part in their designated WRC events for the next two seasons.



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