After asking you to vote for your leading drivers from the World Rally Championship season, the time has come to start the count-down to the driver you voted the top star of 2008.

Over the next five days, we will be revealing the top ten in reverse order, with two drivers being revealed each day.

After asking you to give each driver a mark out of ten for their performances during the season, each drivers' average score was calculated to decide the winner.

So today, ninth and tenth places...

WRC Driver of the Year - Tenth place:

Name: Petter SolbergTeam: Subaru World Rally TeamCar: Subaru Impreza WRCEvents 15Wins: 0Podiums (excluding wins): 1Stage wins: 15Championship points: 46 pointsChampionship position: 6th.

Results: 5th on the Monte, 4th in Sweden, 12th in Mexico (under SupeRally - driveshaft problem on day 2), retired in Argentina (electrical failure), retired in Jordan, 10th in Sardinia, 2nd in Greece, 6th in Turkey, 6th in Finland, 5th in Germany, 4th in NZ, 5th in Spain, 5th in France, 8th in Japan, 4th in Wales.

2008 was not an easy year for Petter Solberg and a simple glance at the results - particularly in the first half of the season, show that the Norwegian didn't have much luck.

However once the new Impreza was introduced things did improve. Indeed following his second place finish in Greece, the debut outing for the new 2008 spec machine, 'Hollywood' finished in the points in every single event, nine times in succession.
WRC Driver of the Year - Ninth place:
Name: Dani SordoTeam: Citroen Total World Rally TeamCar: Citroen C4 WRCEvents 15Wins: 0Podiums (excluding wins): 6Stage wins: 17Championship points: 65 pointsChampionship position: 3rd
Results: 11th on Monte (finished under SupeRally after engine problems on day 3), 6th in Sweden, 17th in Mexico, 3rd in Argentina, 2nd in Jordan, 5th in Sardinia, 5th in Greece, 4th in Turkey, 4th in Finland, 2nd in Germany, 2nd in NZ, 2nd in Spain, retired in France (crashed out), retired in Japan (withdrawn), 3rd in Wales.

Dani Sordo ended 2008 third in the drivers' championship and the Spaniard showed pace on both tarmac and gravel - with a run of nine points finish in succession, including five podiums in Argentina, Jordan, Germany, New Zealand and Spain.

He also finished the season with a podium in Wales, yet he was deemed only good enough to be ninth in our readers poll.

Why was this?

Well in reality, whilst he did do extremely well, he was always overshadowed by his illustrious team-mate, Sebastien Loeb and perhaps this is why he didn't receive more votes.
Tomorrow: Who did you vote seventh and eighth?



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