Britain's Barry Clark has said he is confident he can get back out and compete in a few rounds of the World Rally Championship again this season.

Clark, who won the Fiesta Sporting Trophy International series in 2007, made his competitive debut in a World Rally Car last year and following those four runs in a Ford Focus RS WRC - twice as part of the Munchi's Ford WRT and twice under the Stobart banner, the Scot is now eager to try and build on what he learnt.

"We are working hard on it," he told Radio at the Autosport International Show, when asked about 2009. "The championship is struggling a little bit with the withdrawal of Subaru and Suzuki. There are not so many seats available. But we are working hard to try and get the money and obviously we had a great year in 2008 and we showed what I can do with no testing.

"I would love to improve on that this year and carry the momentum forward. But we are still trying to raise budgets and sort a deal.

"The Economic down-turn certainly doesn't help. Everybody is just trying to ride the storm at the moment. But there is still money out there and we are confident we can try and tap into some of that and get back out."

Asked about '08, and his outings in Jordan, Turkey, Corsica and Wales, Clark added he was delighted with his performances, especially as all four were very different types of events.

"To get out on a World championship event in a World Rally Car has been the aim for a long time and we have been working hard to get there. To actually finally make it last year and get the opportunity to compete against the best in the world in equal machinery was fantastic," he continued. "We had some great results - three top-ten finishes. I was over-the-moon with that and really happy.

"It was a three rally programme originally that got stretched to four when Luis-Perez Companc had to go home suddenly from the Rally Jordan. I had to step in at the last minute there. I had no recce and was straight into the shakedown having only arrived four hours earlier. That was a unique experience. We had a great run though and brought the car home with no damage and we were twelfth overall.

"We then went to Turkey, which is a really rough, dry and dusty gravel rally up in the mountains. Again we were learning new things with the car all the time and learning how to drive it.

"I had never driven a World Rally Car on these different services before and so every rally we did was all chopping changing from the gravel in Turkey to the dry tarmac in Corsica. You have to start again and re-learn everything. But we had a great run and finishing off on Rally GB with tenth overall was a fantastic result, especially with the way the conditions were in Wales," he summed-up.




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