Giniel de Villiers remains out front on the 2009 Dakar Rally following the thirteenth stage from La Rioja and Cordoba.

Organisers had to cut the competitive distance again today and following torrential overnight rain, which left parts of the route impassable, competitors faced only 220 competitive kilometres, down from 545.

de Villiers began the test first, but he and team-mate, Mark Miller opted to slow and wait for their German team-mate, Dieter Depping.

All three then tackled stage 13 in convoy and finished in fourth, seventh and eighth - Depping leading the way followed by Miller and de Villiers.

Volkswagen's tactical manoeuvrings allowed Robby Gordon to take the early stage lead, but by the 62 kilometre mark he had been overhauled by Guerlain Chicherit.

Chicherit eventually finished the test in third place, 7 minutes 27 seconds off the winner, Nani Roma.

Roma completed the route in 2 hours 33 minutes 48 seconds with Krzysztof Holowczyc 'best of the rest' and second, albeit 7 minutes 18 seconds adrift. Roma's stage win was Mitsubishi's first on the Dakar since 2006.

Meanwhile after Depping in fourth, Leonid Novitsky and Eric Vigouroux completed the top six with Gordon someway back - over 20 minutes off the winner, although he remains third overall.

Indeed at the time of writing the top-ten was unchanged post-day 13. de Villiers now leads by 2 minutes 20 seconds and over 1 hour 27 minutes 13 seconds up on Gordon.

Argentina-Chile Dakar 2009 - Positions on SS13:

1. Nani RomaMitsubishi Racing Lancer2hrs 33m 48s
2. Krzysztof Holowczyc Nissan Navara+0hrs 07m 18s
3. Guerlain Chicherit BMW X3 CC +0hrs 07m 27s
4. Dieter Depping Volkswagen Touareg +0hrs 10m 00s
5. Leonid Novitsky BMW X3 CC +0hrs 10m 33s
6. Eric VigourouxHummer H3+0hrs 13m 53s

Argentina-Chile Dakar 2009 - Positions after SS13:

1. Giniel de Villiers Volkswagen Touareg 46hrs 35m 14s
2. Mark Miller Volkswagen Touareg +0hrs 02m 20s
3. Robby GordonHummer H3+1hrs 27m 13s
4. Ivar Erik Tollefsen Nissan Navara+5hrs 55m 01s
5. Krzysztof Holowczyc Nissan Navara+6hrs 37m 32s
6. Nani RomaMitsubishi Racing Lancer+7hrs 27m 08s



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