SS12 - Lantosque-Luc?ram (19.13 km): Basso fastest through SS12; Arzeno second; Kopecky third; Betti fourth; Loix fifth; Sarrazin sixth - despite going off briefly near the end and losing a wheel; Alen had engine problems; Gardemeister retired before the test; Ogier leads overall by 1min 57.4secs.

Top ten stage times for SS12:

1. Giandomenico BassoAbarth Grande Punto S200017mins 16.0secs N4
2. Mathieu ArzenoRenault Clio+00mins 17.7secs A7
3. Jan KopeckySkoda Motorsport Fabia S2000+00mins 30.2secs N4
4. Luca BettiRenault Clio+00mins 44.5secs A7
5. Freddy LoixPeugeot Team Belux 207 S2000+00mins 50.7secs N4
6. Stephane SarrazinTeam Peugeot Total 207 S2000+00mins 54.0secs N4
7. Patrik ArtruMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX+00mins 58.8secs N4
8. Sebastien OgierBF Goodrich Peugeot 207 S2000+01mins 14.7secs N4
9. Frederic RomeyerFiat Grande Punto S2000+01mins 29.2secs N4
10. Olivier BurriAbarth Grande Punto S2000+01mins 29.3secs N4

Top 15 overall times after SS12:

1. Sebastien OgierBF Goodrich Peugeot 207 S20003hours 52mins 47.2secs N4
2. Freddy LoixPeugeot Team Belux 207 S2000+01mins 57.4secs N4
3. Stephane SarrazinTeam Peugeot Total 207 S2000+03mins 45.8secs N4
4. Jan KopeckySkoda Motorsport Fabia S2000+03mins 47.8secs N4
5. Giandomenico BassoAbarth Grande Punto S2000+05mins 01.3secs N4
6. Anton AlenAbarth Grande Punto S2000+10mins 59.9secs N4
7. Frederic RomeyerFiat Grande Punto S2000+19mins 01.1secs N4
8. Olivier BurriAbarth Grande Punto S2000+19mins 35.6secs N4
9. Luca BettiRenault Clio+20mins 34.1secs A7
10. Patrik ArtruMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX+21mins 24.6secs N4
11. Damien DaumasRenault Clio +22mins 41.7secs A7
12. Tobia CavalliniPeugeot 207 S2000+24mins 41.3secs N4
13. Mathieu ArzenoRenault Clio+26mins 07.4secs A7
14. Herve KnapickMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX+33mins 33.7secs N4
15. Claudio MarencoRenault Clio+35mins 41.8secs A6

Notable retirements:

SS1. Luca RossettiAbarth Grande Punto S2000Accident. N4
SS1. Didier AuriolPeugeot 207 S2000Lost wheel. N4
SS5. Andrej JerebPeugeot 207 S2000Mechanical. N4
SS6/7. Nicolas VouillozPeugeot Team Belux 207 S2000Suspension. N4
SS10. Juho HanninenSkoda Motorsport Fabia S2000Accident. N4
SS10. Kris MeekePeugeot UK 207 S2000Accident. N4
SS11. Franz WittmannMitsubishi Lancer Evo IXMechanical. N4
SS12. Toni GardemeisterAstra Fiat Grande Punto S2000Retired. N4
SS12. Julien MaurinFiat Grande Punto S2000Mechanical. N4

all times unofficial



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