Organisers of Rally Ireland have announced that SS16, which will take place on the final day of the event, has been shortened.

The run through Arigna was due to run to 27.90km but the deterioration of a bridge that formed part of the stage has instead led to organisers shortening the stage down to 10.80kms.

While the stage will now finish at spectator point G, the decision to shorten the stage will have no impact on the timings of any of the other four stages on Sunday.

"It's a pity for both the competitors and the spectators that we were forced to shorten the Arigna stage, but unfortunately the matter was not within our control," clerk of the course Gordon Noble said. "Despite our best efforts in recent days to ensure the running of the stage, it simply was not to be and we had no choice but to end the stage before it reached the bridge. However spectators can still look forward to what will be an excellent stage."



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