Petter Solberg has promised he will do everything he can to 'fight' on Rally Norway this coming weekend, when he makes his debut appearance in the 2009 World Rally Championship.

The Norwegian has been busy putting together his own team since he was left without a drive following Subaru's decision to axe its WRC programme and he is now looking forward to seeing what he can do in a Citroen Xsara WRC.

Speaking exclusively to Radio last week on the eve of the launch of the 'Petter Solberg World Rally Team', the 2003 World Rally champion, added that the main thing is he is just glad he is going to be there having missed round one in Ireland a few weeks ago.

"It is going to be very interesting [on Rally Norway] and good fun," he stated. "I must say it has been a lot of hard work to get everything ready.

"It is very busy, but I think I have 20 people around everywhere to fetch things and do things. Everyone is very supportive. It is almost like going back to the old days again.

"Everybody is helping each other and I really appreciate that. We have got everything ready and that is unbelievable.

"I am testing Saturday and Sunday [February 7-8, prior to the event] and then we will see. We have a lot of interesting things to try.

"Basically I have driven the Xsara for 50 kilometres already and it worked quite easy straight away. But how good it is we don't know yet.

"At least though I will have a drive and we will do everything we can to fight, that is for sure."

The Citroen Xsara WRC was very competitive a few years back. However, it was 'retired' by Citroen Sport at the end of 2006, when it was replaced by the C4 WRC. Although the OMV Kronos Citroen WRT used it in 2007, it was with mixed results, with Francois Duval taking the outfits only top-three result in Germany.

How it will compare then now, two seasons on is uncertain, although Petter isn't dwelling on the negatives.

"It is an older car," he conceded, "but it is a good car too. They seldom had any problems with it and when I drove it for the first time it was easy to drive.

"I think and hope I have done the best I could have done in one month with everything."

So has he set himself a target for Rally Norway or is it just a bit of fun?

"Obviously you always have to have fun when you drive. But I think you can understand how much passion I have for driving since I have put together this programme in three to four weeks.

"I am doing it for fun, but also I am doing it for a big challenge. I am ready. That is the only thing I can say. It was very boring that we missed the first rally. But that is life," he summed-up.




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