Dani Sordo received a much needed boost with second place on Rally Germany as the Spaniard proved to be the only person able to fight Sebastien Loeb on the asphalt event.

Having returned to the factory Citroen team for the event, Sordo produced an impressive display in his first event since splitting with co-driver Marc Marti.

With Diego Vallejo calling the notes for the first time, Sordo took four stage wins over the course of the weekend to help Citroen to a 1-2-3 finish having stayed close to Loeb through the first half of the event.

"On the first day the battle with Seb was really, really fun," he said. "After the second day we started with his split times. But he started to push harder. On the long stage he was really, really good. His split times were faster and faster. But with him 23 seconds ahead of us I realised that it is not possible to catch up anymore.

"[However] I'm very happy with this rally, my first with Diego Vallejo in the right-hand seat. Sebastien was just a tad quicker than me on a regular basis.

"This being said, I met the team's expectations and helped it open up a bigger gap in the manufacturers' championship."



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