Having revealed the results of your vote to decide the top driver from World Rally 2010, we thought it was only right to see how it compared to our own countdown of the top ten drivers' from the past season.

And it seems we are broadly in agreement, with the top two drivers' exactly the same, Petter Solberg just pipping Sebastien Loeb to be #1.

However, the big change concerns Armindo Araujo, who became the first man in over a decade to secure two P-WRC titles back-to-back on November's Rally GB. Indeed while we put him ninth as one of our 'wild cards', a lot of you are obviously big fans, and as such he moves up six places to third.

Mikko Hirvonen in contrast dropped from sixth on our list to tenth on yours, while Dani Sordo was another mover, down three places from fifth to eighth.

The full comparison is shown below...

First:Crash.net said Petter SolbergYou said Petter Solberg (Same)

Second:Crash.net said Sebastien LoebYou said Sebastien Loeb (Same)

Third:Crash.net said Sebastien OgierYou said Armindo Araujo* (Up 6)

Fourth:Crash.net said Jari-Matti LatvalaYou said Sebastien Ogier (Down 1)

Fifth:Crash.net said Dani SordoYou said Jari-Matti Latvala (Down 1)

Sixth:Crash.net said Mikko HirvonenYou said Juho Hanninen* (Up 1)

Seventh:Crash.net said Juho Hanninen*You said Kimi Raikkonen (Up 1)

Eighth:Crash.net said Kimi RaikkonenYou said Dani Sordo (Down 3)

Ninth:Crash.net said Armindo Araujo*You said Xavier Pons* (Up 1)

Tenth:Crash.net said Xavier Pons*You said Mikko Hirvonen (Down 4)

* denotes 'wild card'



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