Rally Team for Dreams has set its sights on competing on the Corona Rally Mexico in March, with the intention of using the event as a means of raising money and awareness for children impacted by HIV/AIDS.

The team has been set-up by Andrew Frick and Ryan Scott, who plan to sell off at least 10,000 1x1 inch brand-able squares on their Ford Focus rally car for $5 a-piece. A percentage will then go to Camp Sunrise, Ohio's only summer camp - set up in 1994 - for children whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS.

"Rally Team for Dreams is a vehicle - both literally and figuratively - to fulfill dreams," Scott explained. "It's a way for us to take a traditionally self-centered pursuit and use it for the greater good - while inviting the world to join the team."

"We love rally and are well aware that we are sort of perpetually living out this little boy fantasy," Frick added. "We get to build cars, drive fast, get dirty. It's awesome. And we're lucky to have been able to grow up and do what we always wanted to. But not every kid gets that chance."

Cheryl Foley at Camp Sunrise is delighted by the initiative: "Camp Sunrise is thrilled to be partnered with Rally Team for Dreams to support this special program dedicated to empowering children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS," she continued.

"Camp Sunrise is a place where any child who is living with HIV or AIDS, has a sibling or parent with the disease, or is grieving the loss of a loved one to the virus, can experience the joy of being a kid.

"It's a chance for these kids to be themselves and have fun without the fears or worries they shoulder the rest of the year."

To learn more about Rally Team for Dreams and how you can contribute - the team need to sell at least 6000 1x1 inch brand-able squares to be able to do Rally Mexico, please visit www.rallyteamfordreams.org/



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