European sports broadcaster Eurosport has stepped into the breach to ensure that the season-opening WRC event in Monte Carlo will continue to receive television coverage following the cancellation of North One Sport's deal to promote the series.

The FIA finally ran out of patience with the situation surrounding NOS' inability to deliver on contractual obligations both before and after parent company Convers Sports Initiatives went into administration in December [see story]. The decision to terminate NOS' contract, however, meant that plans for television coverage of the opening round in Monte Carlo - back in after three years' absence - were left in disarray, until Eurosport, which had covered the event while a part of its own IRC series, agreed to step in.

"A few days before its start, the 80th Monte Carlo Rally, organised by the Automobile Club de Monaco is confronted with the non-fulfilment of services which should have been provided by North One Sport (NOS), former promoter of the World Rally Championship," a statement from event organiser the Automobile Club de Monaco, which appeared on said.

"Unable at this late stage to await the outcome of unlikely negotiations, the ACM has no other option but to arrange by its own means the timing and tracking of the event which were the responsibilities of NOS up to now through Stage One Technologies. This situation also applies to the TV production, broadcasting of the race and internet. There again, the ACM took steps by contracting with Eurosport S.A to ensure the best coverage of the event.

"These decisions will allow the 80th Monte Carlo Rally to take place on 17 January 2012 and the scheduled race programme to be scrupulously maintained. The 80th Monte Carlo Rally shall remain on this year's world championship's schedule regardless of the designation of the promoter."

The ACM also said that it would be providing its own timing and tracking systems, thereby ending another headache that had threatened the viability of the event following NOS' termination [see story here].



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