Francois Delecour has revealed his delight after securing a late deal to contest round five of the FIA European Rally Championship this week.

Delecour feared he wouldn't be able to tackle Giru di Corsica-Tour de Corse, which he won back in 1993, only for an agreement to be reached to enable him to compete in a Munaretto Sport Peugeot 207 Super 2000.

"I'd resigned myself to not doing it, so I am so happy that it is happening for us now," said Delecour. "We'll go straight into the rally with no testing so that means that we've got a tough task ahead. I've no idea what the brakes and the tyres we're going to be using are like. But of course we'll just get on with it and try as hard as we can."

"I really enjoy driving these stages: they are some of the most legendary roads in the world. One advantage that we do have is having done this rally last year with the Renault Megane, so there are a few things that I remember. The most realistic approach for us is to build up our speed step by step and remain consistent; this will maximise our possibilities of a good result at the end," he added.



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