The organisers of Rallye Deutschland have confirmed that two fans have been taken to hospital following an accident in the final test of the event.

According to initial reports the fans were hurt when WRC2 runner Subhan Aksa went off the road in his Ford Fiesta R5.

The stage, the second-run through the 24.58 km Dhrontal test, was subsequently stopped and the last 10 or so runners were awarded notional times. The injured spectators were apparently standing in a 'forbidden zone'.

The full official statement on the Rallye Deutschland website reads:

"During the 16th special stage of the Rallye Deutschland, an incident occurred involving two spectators. A WRC 2 car came off the road and injured two persons who were standing in a forbidden zone that is not accessible for spectators.

"The injured persons were taken to hospital for medical treatment. The special stage was stopped."

It is the second serious incident on the event this weekend, as there was also a fatal accident on Saturday involving a historic car participating in a 'non-competitive demonstration programme'. The driver and passenger were both killed.



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