The FIA has announced that the running order on WRC events will be changed next season, with it set by championship position on both Friday and Saturday.

This season it has been set by championship position only on the opening day, before the rally classification is reversed on subsequent days.

The decision was confirmed after a vote by members of the World Motor Sport Council.

"The running order for FIA World Rally Championship events will be in Championship order for Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, P1 and P2 crews will run in reverse classification order. P1 and P2 drivers who have retired will restart the subsequent day/s at the front of this group," the FIA stated.

The FIA also added that rallies will continue to be organised over two and half days, from Friday to Sunday, with a minimum of 300 kilometres of special stages.

"A ceremonial start or super special stage can be organised on Thursday," the FIA continued.

"Organisers will also be encouraged to ensure their event has unique qualities, new and longer stages to help create closer competition and fresh opportunities for the media."



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