Sebastien Ogier, Thierry Neuville, Dani Sordo and Martin Prokop have all been hit with a reprimand and fined 1000 Euros after going slightly off route on Friday in SS2 of Rally Argentina.

The drivers all made a wrong turn around 8.8 kilometres from the start of the 51.99km Agua de Oro-Ascochinga test.

The detour added an extra 150 metres to the test, as "the distance between boxes 6 and 7 is 90 metres, whilst the distance of the loop which the cars concerned took is approximately 240 metres".

A statement from the stewards on Saturday accepted the mistakes were a result of errors in the recce with the pace-notes.

However they still ruled that it was an "infringement" of the rules and noted that going "out of the 'protected' stage itinerary may present a safety hazard".

"It is reminded that more attention must be exercised in taking the notes to avoid such situations," it was stressed.

Full statement - in relation to Ogier - available - HERE. Identical statements for the others drivers can be viewed - HERE - see decisions 6, 7 and 8.



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