The organisers of Tour de Corse - Rallye de France have cancelled SS2 due to torrential rain.

The 43.69 km test through Casamozza-Ponte Leccia - also due to run on Saturday as SS4 - had been scheduled to start at 13.39 hours local time [12.39 hours UK time]. However, the bad weather has damaged the road and the roads leading to it, causing severe flooding (see picture below) and landslides.

Organisers had already had to move the re-group.

Meanwhile, the running of SS3, the 36.43km Francardo-Sermano 1 test, and the only other test planned for today, is said to be "pending information".

It was originally due to start at 14.47 hours local time [13.47 hours UK time].

A statement on the event's official website read:

"Following the bad weather conditions and the state of regrouping park in Corte Airport, the race control decides to move the regrouping park to the place where scrutineering took place.

"TC1A is moved to this area but the time between the start of SS1 and TC1A remains unchanged

"TC1B is moved to this area, the regrouping time remains unchanged

"Following the displacement of TC1B, service time changes from 33 to 38 minutes.

"TC1C is unchanged

"SS2 is cancelled

"Cars will stay in regrouping park pending information on SS3."



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