Coffs Harbour City Council has voted to stop its support to Rally Australia for the next two years which organisers are urging it to reconsider.

Last Thursday (14th April) the local council withdrew its backing behind the area hosting Rally Australia for 2016 and 2017 which could potentially drive the event away from the region.

Rally Australia organisers have asked the council to revised its vote at its next meeting later this month by taking into consideration the economic benefit the event brings, estimated to be $13.8m with the additional promotion and employment opportunities.

The New South Wales rally is set to host the final round of the 2016 WRC season on the 18-20 November and has been held in the region since 2011, albeit missing a year in 2012.

The Australian event joined the WRC calendar in 1988 where it was run in Perth until 2006 when the rally dropped off the calendar. In 2009 Rally Australia enjoyed a brief return at Kingscliff before being binned again in 2010 before being picked up by Coffs Harbour a year later.

"We have begun negotiations to extend our participation to at least 2020, with the obvious potential for even greater community benefits," a statement from Rally Australia organisers read.

"It is essential that all parties on the Coffs Coast continue to present a strong appeal to the WRC. The only alternative would be for Rally Australia to find a new home in New South Wales."



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