Hyundai's Kevin Abbring says he is already looking ahead to Sardinia after a "rally to forget" in Portugal.

The Dutchman, who did five events with Hyundai last year, and who is slated to do three this season, alongside his testing duties, had been looking to learn and finish in the top-ten, but went out early on Friday after breaking a steering arm in SS3. Abbring then re-started on Saturday under Rally 2, but only did 3.2km this morning, before hitting another rock. He will not re-join on Sunday.

"A rally to forget for us," Abbring reflected. "We honestly thought it couldn't get any worse after our issues with the broken steering arm on Friday. So, it was very frustrating for us to stop in the opening stage this morning with the same reason.

"We hit a rock that was sticking out, which we didn't have in the pace notes, and that was it - game over.

"Portugal has not been a very good experience for us. We just wanted to complete decent kilometres but we have to learn from this disappointment, look ahead and focus now on Sardinia."



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