Stephane Lefebvre says he remembers "clearly" what happened when he crashed out of Rallye Deutschland last weekend.

Lefebvre and co-driver Gabin Moreau were both hospitalised on Saturday after crashing in the daunting 40.80 km Panzerplatte Lang stage.

Talking about the incident, which left them both with fractures and internal injuries, Lefebvre explained how they hit a row of hinkelsteins in their PH Sport-run Citroen DS 3 WRC, the last of which pitched them into some trees.

"I can remember the whole thing very clearly. I had noted a right-hand turn with a corner that could be cut. Given the marks left by the other competitors, I had turned in slightly early but the car drifted onto the outside of the corner and we hit a row of hilkensteins," he explained on his official Facebook page.

"The last rock turned the car around and sent it flying into the trees. That was what caused the most damage."

Despite being hospitalised, with Moreau having to have an operation on Saturday afternoon on his fractured leg, both are hoping to be discharged this coming week, and both believe they were 'fortunate' not to be more seriously injured.

"When you look at the state of the car, I feel pretty fortunate," Moreau confirmed.

"The survival cell and the various items of equipment did their job, especially the reinforced sections which are not mandatory, but which were added to improve safety for the crew.

"I feel we've had a lot of support, both from the medical staff and from my friends and family. It's going to take a bit of time for the fractures to heal, but I'm determined to recover as quickly as possible!"

"Like Gabin, I think we were well protected by the car," Lefebvre continued. "You can never control the outside environment in rallying and on this occasion, we paid a fairly heavy penalty for going off. We're going to need some time to get back on our feet.

"The only thing that is really getting to me is the fact I might not be able to take part in the [Rally de France-] Tour de Corse..."



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