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2016 Rallye Monte Carlo standings after SS8 - Day 2 (Top 15):

1. Sebastien OgierFRA Volkswagen Motorsport Polo R WRC1h 29m 06.1s M
2. Kris MeekeGBR Abu Dhabi Total WRT Citroen DS3 WRC +9.5 M
3. Jari-Matti LatvalaFIN Volkswagen Motorsport Polo R WRC+1m 08.1s M
4. Andreas MikkelsenNOR Volkswagen Motorsport II Polo R WRC+1m 33.8s M
5. Thierry NeuvilleBEL Hyundai Motorsport i20 WRC +1m 47.8s M
6. Mads OstbergNOR M-Sport WRT Ford Fiesta RS WRC+2m 18.5s M
7. Dani SordoESP Hyundai Motorsport i20 WRC +3m 07.8s M
8. Stefan LefebvreFRA Abu Dhabi Total WRT Citroen DS3 WRC +3m 32.0s M
9. Bryan BouffierFRA M-Sport WRT Ford Fiesta RS WRC+4m 18.6s M
10. Ott TanakEST DMACK WRT Ford Fiesta RS WRC+5m 25.8s M
11. Elfyn EvansGBR Ford Fiesta R5+7m 17.9s WRC2
12. Armin KremerGER Skoda Fabia R5+8m 49.9s WRC2
13. Julien MaurinFRA Skoda Fabia R5+9m 00.8s WRC2
14. Quentin GilbertFRA Citroen DS3 R5+9m 06.0s WRC2
15. Yoann BonatoFRA Citroen DS3 R5+9m 24.8s WRC2

WRC2 standings after Stage 2 (Top 3):

1. Elfyn EvansGBR Ford Fiesta R51h 36m 24.0s WRC2
2. Armin KremerGER Skoda Fabia R5+1m 32.0 WRC2
3. Julien MaurinFRA Skoda Fabia R5+1m 42.9s WRC2

Notable retirements

SS6: Eric CamilliFRA M-Sport Ford Fiesta RS WRCAccident M
SS6: Lorenzo BertelliITA FWRT Ford Fiesta RS WRCAccident M
SS3: Hayden PaddonNZL Hyundai Motorsport N i20 WRC Accident M
SS3: Robert KubicaPOL BRC Racing Ford Fiesta RS WRCAccident M

M denotes Manufacturer entry

* denotes will re-start under Rally 2

# Crews will be authorised to rejoin under Rally 2 rules at Rallye Monte Carlo but only on the first two days. Any crews that retire during Saturday's leg will not be entitled to rejoin the rally on Sunday.

all times unofficial