How are you finding Magny-Cours?

Tommy Hill:
It's a good track and I enjoy it. I've enjoyed learning new circuits and getting used to the 600 more. In the first free practice I was P2 so I was happy with that. I was looking forward to first qualifying and I put a bit more pressure on myself to give it a good go and get on the front row, if not the second row would have been good. I went out and I was P3, P4 for most of the session, I was just trying different stuff and riding a little bit differently. I think a bit of my problem is a little bit of Superbike coming back into it and you do ride the bikes completely different.

We went for a softer tyre, put that in and went a little bit quicker but not as much as I had hoped. I was trying a little bit too hard and before you know it I was P9. I know what I can do so I'll just keep my head high and get on with the job. I've got to try and get the Superbike out of my mind but it is hard saying that. I'm at the British Championship this coming weekend, but this is completely different. You are at a World Championship and 0.3secs would put me in third place, it is just so close. I've just got to get my mind around the 600 and to try and get it right. It is hard because you are at the World Championship.
How are you finding all the back to back events?

Busy! This is a busy month for me. We've got Sunday night here at Magny-Cours, then we have a promotional day on Monday with Yamaha as some journalists are testing our bikes. Then I drive back with the motorhome on Monday night, try and get to the ferry for early doors Tuesday morning. Get across, drop the motorhome off, I'll be back home late on Tuesday, try and get some sleep, then off to Brands Hatch for the next round of the British Championship.
How do you stay motivated?

Not a problem, it's good. I enjoy going to the different circuits and learning the new circuits. It does get a bit tiring, you probably don't think it does, but it does take its toll on your body riding back to back for a month. I'm fit, I'm strong, my training in paying off so I'll just keep at it and hopefully this weekend I can get on the podium. We've been there or there abouts.

We had a bit of misfortune at the last round, the weekend started off as a bit of a downer for us as we didn't have the tyre that we usually run. Not a lot of people would know that as regards the public watching. Normally we have an SC2 which is a C compound, which is a fairly hard tyre and that tyre works with the Yamaha. We put another tyre in which is Honda's tyre that they have run for the season and that does not work with our bike. So we've got the tyre this weekend, I've just got to sit down with the data and telemetry people and find out where I'm going wrong!
Are you feeling confident?

I am. I want to get on the podium this weekend, get the last round done and hopefully sign a deal for next year.
Who will you be with next year?

No one at the moment. I'm talking and talking and talking....I'm just holding on for Honda in the UK seeing what they are doing. I know I am on their list of riders and I know there are about four other riders. There is talk of Leon Haslam coming to the World Championship with Airwaves, maybe with Leon Camier. There are some open doors there and I'm looking forward to it.

I want to get this season out of the way, maybe go away for a bit of a break and get on with next season. Next year I want to be with a competitive team and challenge for race wins and podiums, and there could be a British team in this Championship next year in Supersport. I could be team-mate to Craig Jones which would be good we both want to beat each other now even though we are in different teams. So us two in one team it might be carnage but it would be good racing.


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