By Christian Tiburtius

Amit Sandill, team principal of MAHI racing Team India, talks exclusively to regarding the team's 2014 World Supersport and Superbike plans...
Hi Amit, in your own words, what are the MAHI racing Team India's plans for next year?

Amit Sandill:
Well next year we're 85 - 90% sure that we'll be running both Kenan Sofuoglu and Fabien Foret and the difference will be that Kenan will be on a Supersport machine and Fabien on an Evo Superbike and those plans will be finalised by Jerez.
Any change in the crew to reflect this?

Amit Sandill:
No we'll be using the same crew as this year though we may need to tighten up in a few areas. We've taken on a new crew chief for Kenan in the last couple of rounds and he's ex Ten Kate and used to work with James Toseland.
Why Fabien on the Evo and Kenan on the Supersport?

Amit Sandill:
That's absolutely what the riders wanted. In the middle of the season Kenan may also do some tests on the Evo and in an ideal work we'd like to run 2 Evo Superbikes after that with Kenan and Fabien on them, or if Fabien wants to hang up his boots and stay with us he can do that too. Fabien loves the Evo and possibly likes it more than the Supersport.

It also makes sense for Kenan to be on the Supersport even from the Indian perspective. There aren't any Superbikes on track in India, there is supposed to be a national Supersport championship but they are having difficulty filling the grid and it's something that we'd love to do out in India. It makes sense to have at least one rider on a Supersport.

If Kenan wants to get on a Superbike then the best place for him to do so would be on an Evo in 2015.
So it's part of a long term plan?

Amit Sandill:
Yes it is but I'm just treading a bit lightly here because there are a lot of rumors going around that in 2015 there'll only be the Evo category in the 1000's.
What is the Kawasaki involvement in this?

Amit Sandill:
We're fully backed by Kawasaki. More with the Supersport because we haven't had full discussions with them regarding the Evo class so in Supersports Kenan is a full works rider, and we're hoping to get more support than this year, and in the Evo class we'll be supported to some extent but we've got to see how much.
Who do imagine might take the fight to Kenan next year?

Amit Sandill:
For sure there be a few guys but at this time last season we didn't know that Sam was going to be so aggressive and competitive so it's hard to tell. Michael Van Der Mark is lurking just round the corner. Florian Marino may be very competitive if he's on a Kawasaki.

At the moment the friendship between Kenan and Sam is really genuine, they've knocked each other around, but the way it's come together at the end of the season for them has been fantastic and they will part the best of friends. There's been some great racing and the second half of the season has been a little stronger for the Kawasaki because we've got the electronics working a little better.
Thanks Amit.

Amit Sandill:
No problems.



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