Today at Imola, FGSport - organisers of the World Superbike Championship - released a statement in response to rumours that manufacturers' unhappy with the 2004 rule changes, could set up and/or support a new rival series that would run as a support class to MotoGP.

In the statement, FGSport warn that any rival production bike championship would break FIM rules - and cite the banning of WCM from MotoGP for using a modified Superbike engine earlier this year as an important precedent. They also state that Dorna, organisers of MotoGP, have indicated there's no intention of them encouraging such a series.

The full statement can be seen below:

"In response to recent rumors regarding the creation of new championships in competition with the Superbike world championship, we would like to emphasize that last May 21 the FIM - international motorcycling federation, by word of its president Mr. Franceso Zerbi, dispelled all doubts regarding the FIM's philosophy on the championships it manages in the course of an official meeting to which constructors and international press were invited.

"The road racing world championship grand prix (MotoGP) is dedicated to prototype motorcycles, the president stated, while the Superbike world championship is the only championship in which motorcycles derived from production models may participate.

"The recent decisions regarding the participation of the WCM team to the MotoGP, established a very important legal principle which makes the FIM decision unappealable.

"FGSport would also like to emphasize that the cooperation with Dorna, formally confirmed, is such that, as may be also inferred from statements recently made by Carmelo Ezpeleta, president of Dorna, steps which would lead to a legal conflict between the organizations will be avoided."



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