On Tuesday, the Roman - who fractured his left wrist in a huge accident at Phillip Island on March 2 - had the cast removed from his injured limb and checks made to determine how well it is healing.

"The bone's [healing] is not completed yet however it is to a good point and we have removed the cast," the Sterilgarda Go Eleven rider wrote on his official website.

"The negative news is that we have found [some] ligament inflammation around the zone of the ulna bone, this causes pain and doesn't allow me some side movements," revealed Max.

"I have returned to Montecarlo where I will continue the therapies. Everything will depend on the evolution of my arm condition that could change from one day to the next.

"I wish to be able to make a good improvement within this week [before] Valencia," added the triple 2007 race winner, who was forced to miss the recent Valencia test due to his injury.

Round three of the 2008 WSBK championship takes place from April 4-6.



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