The Hannspree Stiggy Motorsport team has revealed that Robbin Harms was prevented from making the World Supersport restart at Brands Hatch because he took a short cut back to the pits after the red flag.

Harms lined-up seventh on the grid, made a good start and took the race lead after just a few laps. But it then began to rain and the resulting change in grip caused him to loose the front and fall. At the same time, the race was red-flagged due to the amount of water on the track.

Harms thought he could make the restart, but was prevented from doing so because he had taken a short-cut back to the pit-lane.

"The reason I couldn't restart was because I took a short-cut returning back to the pits again after my crash," confirmed Harms. "It was impossible for me to do it a different way and it's not even very clear how I could've done it differently... It was very frustrating! The race, up until my crash, was just amazing. The bike was working really well and I knew I had so much more to give."

"The situation regarding Robbin was really a mess from start to finish," declared team principal Johan Stigefelt. "The team didn't get any information that he wasn't allowed to restart and the rules concerning riders taking shortcuts back to the garage after a crash are very vague.

"On top of that, when the second red flag occurred [due to a huge accident for Craig Jones] none of the riders in front of Joshua [Brookes], who had made a similar shortcut as Robbin had previously made, were penalised.

"We put in a protest, but were told that the difference was that when the second red flag happened the race was over, whereas when the first red flag came out it was to signal the fact that the race had been stopped and that a restart would follow!"

Hannspree Honda Althea's Russell Holland, who also fell in race one but was classified 14th after the red flag, missed the restart for a different reason.

"I'm really disappointed to have crashed in the first race. I could not start the second race because my bike had some problems after the fall and I could not re-enter the box within the five minutes requested," he explained.


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