Kenny Noyes took his first victory in the 1000cc CEV Buckler Formula Extreme Championship, Spain's premier class, at Jerez de la Frontera on Sunday.

The Spanish-born American, riding for Motorrad Suzuki of Madrid, made his move during the final laps passing L'Oreal Laglisse Yamaha riders, Javier del Amor and eventual series champion, Carmelo Morales.

Noyes led the opening laps, but was relegated to second when Morales came by on lap 5 and then to third when del Amor did the same on lap 7.

"We knew the rear was going to start sliding early," explained Kenny. "For some reason the Yamaha can get more out of the rear, but we spent most of qualifying setting the bike up to work when the bike got loose. I was having some really long slides, a really scary one at the left-hander before the stadium section, but I was able to stay close. Then I saw what I was hoping for...del Amor and Carmelo were starting to slide with about five to go and they were coming back to me.

"I got by del Amor on the brakes for the final corner and started pushing hard to catch Morales. When I caught him I almost ran into the back of him a couple of drive with the bike sliding was better than his, so I knew I needed to pass him and show him that it was no use...that I had him. He's done that to me a couple of times. I can't remember where I passed him...but once I was in front I lit it up a couple of times on the fast right-handers back of the to say, "Do you really want some of this?"

"I mean, I knew he was fighting for the title with del Amor and Cardoso, so I knew he'd think twice before trying to stick a wheel in. I knew I had him covered today."

Morales, by winning, extended his final points total to 130, taking his first Spanish National title by 14 points over his team-mate del Amor, who was third, and by 23 over former champion Jose Luis Cardoso (Blussens BQR Suzuki), who had traction problems all weekend and finished only ninth in the final.

Morales agreed with Kenny's summation. "The way Kenny's Suzuki was sliding and driving out of the corners today, I don't think I could have done much. Fortunately for us we didn't need to win to take the title. We have been fighting for this for a long time and I want to thank my team and my family for their support."

Noyes, this season, made wild-card appearances in three other championships; winning his only ride in the European GSR-R 1000 Suzuki Cup, finishing second (with Bernat Martinez) in the Spanish round of the World Endurance Championship (Six Hours of Albacete) and even scoring two top ten finishes in AMA Superbike riding a Celtic Racing GSX-R 1000 Superstock bike for Irishman Barry Gilesnen.

Next year Noyes intends to race both in Spain and outside. He is currently examining the possibility of running an AMA campaign in addition to his Spanish commitments, with only one potential clash between the two championships.

"Kenny has made a big step forward, starting from the last race of 2007 when he was fourth here at Jerez," said Motorrad Suzuki team owner Manuel Alonso. "This was a big win for Kenny and for the team and for Suzuki Spain."

Meanwhile, Sixth in Extreme on Sunday was Britain's Graeme Gowland (Darcey Honda), who finished between David Salom (L?Oreal Yamaha) and Ivan Silva (Yamaha Spain).

Gowland was returning to familiar territory having won the Spanish Supersport Championship in 2007.

Results Spanish 1000cc Extreme Jerez de la Frontera:
1. Kenny Noyes USA (Motorrad Suzuki) 29?30.045
2. Carmelo Morales SPA (L'Oreal Yamaha) 29?30.801
3. Javier del Amor SPA (L?Oreal Yamaha) 29?32.801
4. Xavier Fores SPA (D?Antin Kawasaki) 29?37.980
5. David Salom SPA (L'Oreal Yamaha) 29?39.466
6. Graeme Gowland GBR (Darcey Honda) 29?40.391
7. Ivan Silva SPA (Yamaha Factory Spain) 29?40.701
8. Enrique RocamoraSPA (Speed Racing) 29?52.213
9. Jos? Luis Cardoso SPA (Blusens BQR Suzuki) 29?57.120
10. Victor Carrasco SPA (Palmetto Kawasaki) 30?01.956
Final Points Standings Spanish 1000cc Extreme:
1. Morales 130
2. Del Amor 116
3. Cardoso 107
4. Noyes 89
5. Martinez 62
6. Rocamora 56
7. Silva 53
8. Lozano 50
9. Carrasco 47
10. Fores 43