Troy Corser has reiterated his dislike for the new knockout Superpole system, labelling it a 'lottery' and 'not enough about skill'.

Corser had admitted that he thought the new three phase format was 'strange' when he suffered his lowest ever World Superbike qualifying position in Australia, but was more explicit in his opinions when he could only manage 16th on the grid in Qatar.

A circuit where he held the lap record heading into the weekend, although Corser, who has 42 pole positions to his name, made it through to the second stage of qualification with the fourth best lap, he couldn't match his time in Q2 and would find himself 16th on the grid.

For Corser, the rule of wiping the lap times after the sessions has left him frustrated, the former champion claiming the format doesn't allow the quickest riders to shine.

"I don't like this new Superpole, because it is too much of a lottery and not enough about skill or about who are the fastest riders. Because you lose 'your time' in Superpole 1 and have to start all over again in Superpole 2, there are times when you end up down the grid even though you had gone quicker in the previous Superpole."

Beyond the qualifying format, Corser admits he could have gone faster in Q2 but was frustrated to be suffering chatter on the BMW S1000RR

"Anyway, I could've done a better Superpole 2, if it were not for the front end chattering so much. We don't know why, because I used the same bike and exactly the same type of qualifying tyre. But this time I just got a lot of front end chatter and so coudn't go any quicker.
It's a shame, especially after our misfortune in Australia, and it doesn't really reflect how much progress we are making with the bike.

"This weekend my bike doesn't feel as fast at the top end as most of my rivals, so that means that I have to work harder in the turns trying to stay with them. This track has a long front straight and then a series of corners, so it is going to be difficult to catch the front group.

"It is going to be two long, hard races tomorrow for sure, but I'm going to give it 100% and see what I can get."



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