The ParkinGO BE1 Triumph team has hit back at Jason DiSalvo's claim it spreads its resources too thinly between four riders by claiming it has 'always treated its riders well'.

DiSalvo announced his departure from the Italian-based team following his home round of the World Supersport Championship at Miller Motorsports Park, citing a speed deficiency when compared to his three team-mates Chaz Davies, Matthieu Lagrive and David Salom.

With the American suggesting that four riders is too many for one team, BE1 Racing team manager Giuliano Rovelli responds by pointing to Lagrive, who performed well since arriving as a replacement for Sebastien Charpentier.

"I am sad that Jason decided to leave the team and am sure he would have eventually done just as well as his teammates, if he had a little bit more faith," he said. "We've done everything in order for him to perform at his best, as we've done with Matthieu Lagrive who took fifth place at Assen and finished twice sixth, at Monza and Kyalami.

"We are the team representing Triumph in the world championship and we've always treated our riders well. Maybe Jason couldn't find the right feeling with the bike or perhaps couldn't quite adapt to the competition. However, I wish him to sign with a team that fits him best."

The team is now searching for a rider replacement.



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