Althea Racing boss Genesio Bevilacqua says it remains unclear exactly what caused Carlos Checa to retire with technical problems during both races at Miller Motorsports Park.

Checa was on course for victory from pole position in both races after pulling out a comfortable lead over Max Biaggi, only for his Ducati to coast to a halt on each occasion.

While his retirements were rumoured to be related to the fly-by-wire throttle, Bevilacqua has entrusted Ducati with looking over data to source the problem and prevent it from happening again.

"It was a hard blow, I can't deny it," he said, "but we returned to Europe safe in the knowledge that we are able to beat the best. The technical problems that stopped us are be looked at by Ducati because we want to understand the motives, to be able to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

"We are sure that we carried out each technical step to the best of our ability and so we have entrusted Ducati with analyzing the engine in detail."

Despite the problems - which came after a half-season in which the bike has showed almost impeccable reliability -, Bevilacqua was full of praise to Checa and the team for shrugging the set-back off and looking ahead.

"Carlos has been fantastic because he didn't blame anyone for what happened, and put it down to being part of the history of racing. If possible, this episode has brought us even closer together as a group."

Checa and Althea have been a revelation in 2010 so far, with the Spaniard scoring one win and two further podiums. Had he been able to complete his two wins in the United States, Checa would be classified third with a shot at getting into the title fight.



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