Russia could make its debut on the World Superbike Championship calendar within the next few years as part of a plan to push the motorcycle industry in the country.

Though the largest nation in the world has a rich tradition of sporting achievements, its influence in motorsport has been fairly minimal.

However, motorsport is beginning to accumulate greater publicity in light of the success of its first Formula 1 driver in Vitaly Petrov, while plans are in place to host a round of that championship soon.

It is a move that could also include World Superbikes, with reporting that Infront have opened talks with an organisation keen to push motorcycling in the country.

With no internationally-recognised motorsport venue in the country, any new event remains some way off, while Russia does not have any notable rising stars in the paddock either. However, the new circuit in Sochi is set to be built to host both two and four-wheeled events, providing a potential base for the series..

World Superbikes has undergone fairly minor changes to its calendar in recent years, with the Qatari race at Losail in 2005 proving the last time the series entered an entirely new country.



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