Luca Scassa takes an early lead in the 2011 World Supersport Championship standings after coming out top of an enthralling opener at Phillip Island.

Taking full advantage of the 2009 title-winning Yamaha R6, Scassa picked up where Cal Crutchlow left off as he edged Broc Parkes and Sam Lowes in an incredibly tight dash to the line.

With three different manufacturers occupying the podium, there is every indication that 2011 will be a closely fought season. Despite this, Honda remains well represented up front, with nine versions of the CBR600RR filling the top fifteen points paying positions.

Indeed, beyond Scassa, there was no other Yamaha rider inside the points, compared with Kawasaki, who managed three top ten results with Parkes, David Salom and Vittorio Iannuzzo, while Danilo Dell'Omo was able to get Triumph up into tenth.

Four riders scored on their WSS race debut - Scassa, Florian Marino, Ondrej Jezek and Balazs Nemeth.

2011 World Supersport Championship rider standings

1. Luca Scassa ParkinGO Yamaha 25
2. Broc Parkes Kawasaki Motocard.com20
3. Sam Lowes Parkalgar Honda 16
4. David Salom Kawasaki Motocard.com13
5. Robbin Harms Benjan Harms Honda 11
6. James Ellison Bogdanka PTR Honda 10
7. Florian Marino Ten Kate Honda 9
8. Vittorio Iannuzzo Lorenzini Kawasaki 8
9. Alexander Lundh Cresto Guide Honda7
10. Danilo Dell'Omo Suriano Triumph 6
11. Ronan Quarmby Suriano Triumph 5
12. Ondrej Jezek SMS Honda 4
13. Bastien Chesaux Moto Academy Honda 3
14. Balazs Nemeth Team Hungary Toth Honda 2
15. Imre Toth Team Hungary Toth Honda 1

2011 World Supersport Championship manufacturer standings

1. Yamaha 25 points
2. Kawasaki 20
3. Honda 16
4. Triumph 6



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