Jonathan Rea has blamed Max Biaggi for the accident that resulted in their retirement on the opening lap of the first race at Miller Motorsports Park.

The pair barrelled out of contention on the penultimate corner of the first revolution after coming together in the jostle for the early positions.

Indeed, Rea made his feelings clear in the aftermath as he furiously gesticulated at his rival, the Northern Irishman going on to call his rival's attempt to pass as 'intimidating'.

"Obviously, the day wasn't helped by not coming home with 21 laps of data from race one," Rea, who finished 11th in race two, said. "On the first lap of that one, I was the victim of a very intimidating attempt at a pass that went wrong and we both fell down."

Biaggi, meanwhile, was fairly coy on the incident, saying only that he was touched by Rea, before adding the accident left him with a few bruises.

"It's a real shame about the first race," said Biaggi. "Unfortunately Rea touched me and I couldn't avoid the crash. I have a few bruises that are bothering me, so now we'll have to take a good look at things and hopefully there is nothing serious."



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