Kawasaki Provec Racing has released an updated statement regarding the condition of Joan Lascorz following his accident during testing at Imola.

The statement confirms he has undergone surgery on his vertebra, but the full extent of his injuries will not be determined until a CT scan is performed.

An official update is expected later today [Tuesday].

Kawasaki Provec statement:

"Yesterday at 23:00 successfully completed the operation that you performed to correct the displacement of the T6 vertebra that caused the elongation of the spine.

"At 9:30 this morning the pilot was still asleep. Throughout the morning, a CT scan will be performed to assess the extent of the injury.

"Medical services Maggiore Hospital of Bologna and the medical staff that will take over in Barcelona and are in contact for transfer of the rider.

"The Real Spanish Federation of Motorcycling is already managing the return of the rider when the physician may deem appropriate.

"Throughout the afternoon we will hear more about the status of the rider."



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