Liberty Racing has moved to clarify statements made in the wake of the fourth World Superbike round at Monza, insisting its damning comments were not targeting the series' promoter Infront.

The Czech team unleashed an astonishing statement after the truncated race day at Monza, appearing to blame Infront for being too readily influenced by a handful of riders and teams.

A further statement from the team this week confirmed it would still be present at this weekend's Donington Park event, but there are rumours that title sponsor Effenbert will be scaling back its title backing in protest.

On the eve of the Donington Park event, Liberty Racing has released a further statement, insisting some of its comments were misunderstood, adding that it wasn't squaring the blame on Infront or Pirelli, but instead at a portion of riders and teams who it feels shaped decisions to benefit themselves.

Despite this, Liberty Racing goes on to make reference to rumours that Effenbert will pull its title sponsorship in the wake of the furore, even if the team itself is committed to the series.

The statement reads:

The Liberty Racing Team, following an interview released by La Gazzetta dello Sport with team owner Mario Bertuccio, would like to further point out that the press release issued by the team on Sunday, May 6, has been unambiguously understood by some media and given the wrong interpretations to the concepts expressed.

The clear disappointment was directed to a small number of team managers and riders that conditioned the development of the Monza race for their specific sports interests, and not against Infront Motorsport, to which the Czech team has great respect and trust, and thanks to which the team's image has grown over the years.

When the Sunday race one was cancelled at Monza, the team was damaged: "Our sponsor has invested heavily in the Effenbert Superbike project" said Bertuccio. "On Sunday we had Guintoli on and with such a result we couldn't properly take advantage of the media visibility. And now we risk losing the title sponsor. "

At Monza the team was ready to run, also thanks to the guarantee given by Pirelli about the perfect integrity of the tyre's performance, something that was supported by our riders who would have no hesitation in competing.

Mario Bertuccio also says that Liberty Racing will continue on its path of professional and sports growth in the World Superbike Championship.

World Superbike is a passion and is the expression on two wheels which are closer to the real fans. Team Liberty attempts to give aim to this thrill every time it takes the track with its riders.

Dedication, enthusiasm and the will to compete with opponents shoulder to shoulder, without distinction between "official and unofficial", is the indissoluble element that urges the Czech team to compete more strongly motivated, without underestimating to the sense of respect for significant economic investments without which it would be impossible even compete.



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