Crescent Racing team principal Paul Denning feels MotoGP and the World Superbike Championship need more defined roles if they are to continue their success following a series of changes in recent years.

Denning, who is currently overseeing Crescent's foray into World Superbikes after a lengthy spell running Suzuki's MotoGP effort, says MotoGP's decision to allow production-engined CRT machines onto the grid, coupled with escalating costs at WSBK level, is serving to blur the boundaries between the two distinct series'.

Indeed, though Denning insists World Superbikes has plenty going to praise, he feels changes will need to be made in the coming years to ensure it remains a complement, rather than a direct rival, to MotoGP.

"There's an awful lot that's right with world championship racing, but I think what everyone wants to see is MotoGP and World Superbike having more clearly defined roles, in terms of production based racing and prototype racing, and the two areas are slightly blurred at the moment, especially with the amount of development money that some teams are putting into World Superbike. Some are spending the sort of money that could get a job done in MotoGP.

"Those are the areas that need defining and the boundaries are blurred. I think racing is in a transition period, but I think come 2015/2016, you'll see a more stable platform and some quite big changes in things like the technical regulations."

Denning's comments were included in a feature article published on Suzuki's website, where it was also suggested that Crescent will continue with Suzuki into the 2013 season.


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