Infront CEO Paulo Flammini has revealed that optional pit stops are to be introduced for next season's eni World Superbike Championship, in order to avoid stopping races due to rain.

Flammini was speaking during a press conference at the Magny-Cours finale, following the surprise news that Dorna Sports will organise both MotoGP and WSBK from next year.

"For the 2013 season, nothing special will happen [to WSBK]," reassured Flammini.

"The calendar has been published by the FIM and the plan for the forthcoming Superbike Commission meeting is to confirm all the technical and sporting regulation modifications as agreed during this year.

"By the way, not big changes. I think the biggest change will be the possibility to make pit stops in order to avoid stopping a race for the rain."

MotoGP solves the problem of mid-race weather changes by allowing riders the option of swapping to a second bike, fitted with different tyres, during a pit stop.

The one-bike rule in WSBK this year excludes the bike swap possibility, meaning that F1-style wheel-only changes look likely if it rains during 2013. Should it prove successful, MotoGP might look at a similar system.

Dorna is currently locked in negotiations with the MotoGP manufacturers over major technical changes for the 2014 MotoGP season, including a control ECU and rev limit.

With both championships now under one roof, similarly significant changes can also be expected in WSBK for 2014, so that MotoGP retains the upper hand in terms of performance and technical prestige.

"The 2013 season will go ahead in the way that is already planned," said Flammini. "For the future [beyond 2013] I cannot give you any information. This will be part of the strategy to be implemented and we will see what happens."

Flammini added that his own position in the reorganised MotoGP/WSBK structure is "not decided yet".



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