Davide Giugliano has offered his opinion regarding the controversy surrounding the collision between Kawasaki team-mates Loris Baz and Tom Sykes, the Italian frustrated with Baz after getting delayed.

Starting from the front row, Giugliano suffered a poor getaway, but matters were made worse when he was forced to stop to avoid the colliding Kawasakis ahead of him.

Despite mounting a comeback up the order, Giugliano could only recover to eighth position on the Ducati, much to his disappointment with a particular rider.

"It's a pity about race one as it's not the first time Baz has done something like this and this time more than one rider fell and I lost many positions in trying to avoid the collision. I tried to accelerate as much as possible after that and was able to get by several of the fast guys but after a certain point there was no more grip."

Suffering with flu and a fever in particularly difficult conditions brought about by the Malaysian heat, Giugliano soldiered on to finish eighth in race two, but admits he was feeling 'weak' by the end.

"The second race didn't go well. We got away ok in the restarted race but a drop in grip after only three laps prevented me from riding as I wanted to. A difficult day all in all but I can say that in these conditions, and considering that the flu has left me feeling pretty weak, it was already a result to finish both races. I don't like eighth and tenth but just this once I will settle for these results."



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