9th - David SalomAverage poll score out of ten: 6.0Team: Kawasaki Racing TeamBike: Kawasaki ZX-10R (EVO)Wins: 0Podiums: 0Poles: 0Fastest Laps: 0Best Finish 8thChampionship points: 102Championship position: 12th

Having flitted between the Superbike and Supersport classes since 2007 with mixed success, David Salom returned to the former in 2014 with a renewed mission to hone Kawasaki Racing's 'future' ZX-10R under the newly-created EVO ethos.

Strictly speaking, Salom's acquisition was billed as an opportunity for Kawasaki to get a head-start on its main rivals when - at the time - the ideals of the EVO regulations were supposed to be adopted across the board in 2015.

Though wrangles behind the scenes mean the EVO formula has been diluted so as to almost negate Salom's hard work in developing the bike, this was nonetheless the year that saw one of the paddock's mainstays blossom from a background figure to a forefront contender.

Granted, the backing of KRT was always likely to elevate Salom to the status of a potential title contender, not least because his ZX-10R was always destined to have the latest updates in an EVO field brimming with less accomplished ZX-10Rs.

Even so, it was the manner in which Salom achieved the EVO title that particularly stands out because at a level where the margin for error is slight and the maximum points he would likely be competing for were often no more than four or five, the fact he won the title by 30 points (despite missing an entire round) is testament to his sheer consistency and speed.

Indeed, of the 22 races he started, Salom missed the points on just two occasions. When you consider he finished no higher than eighth in any race (a product of the fact his bike was never likely to challenge most of the 'championship' class field), it is quite the achievement.

Beyond the statistics, Salom's race craft came on leaps and bounds in 2014, the Spaniard securing 13 class wins, many of which were achieved from starting positions lower than his direct rivals, while his methodical riding style often saw him overhaul competitors on the final laps.

A breakthrough that has rightly earned him 'official' status with the Pedercini Kawasaki team for 2015 - whom he raced for on a very privateer bike in 2009 and 2012 -, you only need to look at his previous results in these polls to see just how far he has come in your reckoning since those days...

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