Fabien Foret has vowed to compete in the second round of the World Supersport Championship at Donington Park, despite having his preparations hampered by finger and back injuries.

The Frenchman was amongst the favourites for victory at the Phillip Island opener on his return to the Ten Kate Honda fold, but a crash during pre-race warm-up left him with a fractured L3 vertebra and two badly damaged fingers.

Having had his brave efforts to score in Australia thwarted by a late puncture, a month on Foret concedes he isn't back to full fitness for the upcoming event on British shores.

Undergoing an operation to join his fingers together in an effort to aid the healing process, and then another one to separate them, Foret was also forced to stay behind in Australia after the event to enable his back to heal properly.

"I will be ready for Donington but maybe not at 100 per cent full fitness," the Frenchman said. "I have I had two surgical operations on my fingers and the piece of bone I fractured on my L3 vertebra has meant I have had to rest a lot and walk around on crutches while I remained in Australia after the race.

"My back injury is not a big risk because the fracture is to the small section that sticks out at the side but it has been very painful.

"I lost a lot a lot of tissue and skin from the middle finger and ring finger of my right hand in Australia, so I had one surgery to join the fingers together to aid healing after a tissue graft, then a couple of weeks later another operation to separate the two fingers again. So, I may not be 100 per cent at Donington but I will be OK."

Foret had gone into the opening round as a tentative title favourite having been one of the front runners during testing.



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