We may have lost the 'big three' that dominated the 2010 World Supersport Championship, but Luca Scassa is comprehensively stamping his authority in the 2011 reckoning after reeling off a second win at Donington Park.

The first rider since Sebastien Charpentier in 2006 to win both of the opening two races, given the Frenchman dominated Supersport proceedings that year, Scassa will no doubt be hoping that proves a good omen for him.

Crucially, with close rivals Chaz Davies, Sam Lowes and Fabien Foret now with one or more DNF to their name, Scassa is already a comfortable 19 points up on second place Kawasaki rider Broc Parkes after just two races.

He may not have been on the WSS podium in four years, but Robbin Harms is currently third as the best classified Honda rider overall after posting a strong fourth at Donington. He is up on the second Kawasaki of David Salom, the recovering Davies and young Ten Kate rider Florian Marino.

Gino Rea and Sam Lowes share seventh after racking up a third and a DNF apiece, while two more top ten finishes for Vittorio Iannuzzo and Alexander Lundh sees them up to ninth and tenth overall.

In all, 21 riders have scored points in two races, with Davies, Massimo Roccoli, Miguel Praia, Roberto Tamburini and Marko Jerman getting their first top 15 results of the year at Donington Park.

2011 World Supersport Championship rider standings (After round two of 12, previous round classification in brackets)

1.(1) Luca Scassa ParkinGO Yamaha 50 points2.(2) Broc Parkes Kawasaki Motocard.com313.(5) Robbin Harms Benjan Harms Honda 244.(4) David Salom Kawasaki Motocard.com235.(-) Chaz Davies ParkinGO Yamaha 206.(7) Florian Marino Ten Kate Honda 177=.(-) Gino Rea Step Racing Honda 167=.(3) Sam Lowes Parkalgar Honda 169.(8) Vittorio Iannuzzo Lorenzini Kawasaki 1510.(9) Alexander Lundh Cresto Guide Honda1311.(6) James Ellison Bogdanka PTR Honda 1012.(-) Massimo Roccoli Lorenzini Kawasaki 913.(12) Ondrej Jezek SMS Honda 714.(10) Danilo Dell'Omo Suriano Triumph 615.(-) Miguel Praia Parkalgar Honda 516.(11) Ronan Quarmby Suriano Triumph 517.(-) Roberto Tamburini Bike Service Yamaha 418.(14) Balazs Nemeth Team Hungary Toth Honda 419.(13) Bastien Chesaux Moto Academy Honda 320.(15) Imre Toth Team Hungary Toth Honda 121.(-) Marko Jerman MD Jerman Triumph 1

2011 World Supersport Championship manufacturer standings (After round two of 12, previous round classification in brackets)

1.(1) Yamaha 50 points2.(2) Kawasaki 313.(3) Honda 324.(4) Triumph 7



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