PTR says it has a contract with Ratthapark Wilairot that would see him remain with the team in the World Supersport Championship next season, but reveals its plans are being contested by his personal sponsor Core Design.

After several years in the GP paddock, Wilairot moved to Supersport racing in 2014 with PTR Honda and showed a linear trajectory of improvement over the course of the year, culminating in a maiden podium with a run to second in the Qatar finale.

However, in addition to his WSS commitments, Wilairot dovetailed his campaign with a handful of Moto2 outings towards the end of the year, races that PTR manager Simon Buckmaster says he allowed on the premise that he re-signed with PTR for 2015.

However, Buckmaster has revealed that though this renewed contract was signed with Wilairot, he says Core Design is now attempting to get him out of his deal.

"I truly believe he could challenge for the 2015 WSS title managed in the correct way. Unfortunately for him he is backed by a company called Core" Design.

"They are a Thailand company with no experience in racing. All was going well and Film (Wilairot's nickname) was getting better and better until the failing Caterham (Air Asia) backed Moto2 team first had an injury for their American rider Josh Herrin and then they decided they wanted to get rid of him.

"Now I was OK with Film standing in as a one off when Herrin was injured but we straight away saw when he came back to WSS he had taken a step back and had to readjust to the very different bike.

"When the Caterham team decided to drop Josh Herrin altogether they asked Film to finish the season for them. There were no clashes but it has meant him riding every week and switching from Moto 2 to WSS. I agreed with that on the understanding that to help Core's association with Air Asia we would allow him to ride in Moto 2 - after we agreed a deal for 2015 and accepted that his remaining results in WSS may not be what he is capable of.

"As we sit here today I have a signed contract with Ratthapark for 2015. Now Core" are trying to get out of it. Looking back I should have blocked his Moto 2 ride and not compromised. How this ends I am not sure but I sincerely hope Core" realise the error of their ways and allow Film to challenge for the 2015 WSS title.

"If we succeed he would be the first Thailand motorcycle World Champion. His second place finish to World Champion Michael Van Der Mark at Qatar proved that he is capable. I will keep you updated on this one."

Wilairot's presence in WSS has greater significance for the series in 2015 with the inclusion of the first WSBK/WSS race to be held in Thailand around the Chang International Circuit in Buriram.

PTR says it has offered a new deal to Jack Kennedy, but it is yet to be accepted and will be announcing a new rider for its team shortly.



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