Team Ford Hotfiel Sport will be aiming to put the disappointment of the last round of the World Touring Car Championship to one side as the series heads to Oschersleben this weekend.

Michael Funke and Thomas Klenke were both involved in incidents at Spa-Francorchamps, but the team has rebuilt both Ford Focus cars for its home event this weekend, with team principal Hans Hotfiel glad the cars hadn't required more work in between races.

"We have rebuilt both cars," he said. "Michael Funkes car had only minor scars on the bodywork, while Thomas Klenkes vehicle needed new front wings after the head-on impact with Jordi Gen?. Luckily, neither the roll cage nor the chassis itself suffered from the impact, and this saved us from having to build an all-new car.

"Since Oschersleben is our home circuit and we know the track like the back of our hands, this should be our best race of the season. Anything short of a major step forward would be a disappointment."

With the team having raced at Oschersleben numerous times in the past, Klenke is ready for the challenges of the weekend and is aiming to see the Focus make moves up the grid.

"To be fast around Oschersleben, you need a lot of downforce," he said. "But at the same time, you must be very careful not to make the car too light. You need stability at the rear for the fast 'triple' corner and the chicane after the back straight. Also, the car has to be good and stable over the kerbs. Our experience should help us to achieve a good set-up pretty quickly.

"Top speeds in Oschersleben don?t exceed 210 kph. The drag doesn't count as much as it does on high-speed tracks. In contrast, you need good traction out of the many slow corners. We should look a lot better there than we did at Spa. Ideally, we'd like to be fighting for the mid-field positions."



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