Tom Coronel has completed his first test at the wheel of the RML-prepared Chevrolet Cruze ahead of the 2014 World Touring Car Championship season.

With new ROAL team-mate Tom Coronel getting a first shot at driving the car at Valencia, Coronel assumed driving duties at Adria to sample the new car, which has been built to all-new TC1 regulations.

Returning to front-wheel drive machinery after three years at the wheel of a BMW, Coronel was impressed with the Cruze, which under the outgoing regulations has dominated the WTCC series for four years.

"It was more a shake down with my race engine and I ran for less than 100 kilometres, with a lot of out-in laps. I would liked to have done more, because this is not enough with a new car. But the goal was to test the power, and the power is there!

"I was a bit concerned about managing the front-wheel-drive again after three years in the BMW. The feeling was good, though I don't have an idea about the front tyre wear over the race distance. RML did a brilliant job with the basic set-up and I was very impressed by the way the aerodynamics works.

"It generates a real downforce, something you can compare to a Le Mans prototype. Which is unusual in a touring car. Now I'm going to Marrakech with more confidence that I expected..."



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