Full qualifying results for of the fifth round of the 2015 World Touring Car Championship at the Moscow Raceway, Moscow.

1.Yvan Muller FRA Citroen Total C-Elysee 1m 37.923s
2.Jose Maria Lopez ARG Citroen Total C-Elysee 1m 37.969s
3.Gabriele Tarquini ITA Honda Racing Civic 1m 38.091s
4.Rob Huff GBR LADA Rosneft Vesta 1m 38.639s
5.Tom Chilton GBR ROAL Chevrolet Cruze 1m 39.139s

6.Ma Qing Hua CHN Citroen Total C-Elysee 1m 38.836s
7.Hugo Valente FRA Campos Chevrolet Cruze 1m 38.873s
8.Norbert Michelisz HUN Zengo Honda Civic 1m 38.918s
9.Nicky CatsburgNED LADA Rosneft Vesta1m 39.047s
10.Tiago Monteiro POR Honda Racing Civic 1m 39.071s
11.Sebastien Loeb FRA Citroen Total C-Elysee 1m 39.139s
12.Jaap van Lagen NED LADA Rosneft Vesta 1m 39.195s

13.Mehdi Bennani MAR Sebastien Loeb Citroen C-Elysee 1m 39.172s
14.Tom Coronel NED ROAL Chevrolet Cruze 1m 39.550s
15.Stefano D'Aste ITA ALL-INKL Munnich Chevrolet Cruze 1m 39.867s
16.Gregoire Demoustier FRA Craft Bamboo Chevrolet Cruze 1m 39.951s
17.Rickard Rydell SWE Honda Racing Civic1m 40.060s
18.John Filippi FRA Campos Chevrolet Cruze 1m 40.127s

All times unofficial



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