The MCRCB has introduced a ruling that prevents any BSB or support class rider from remounting their bike after an accident until it has been recovered and re-inspected.

Key points:

- Riders will be disqualified from a session if they are deemed to have crashed and returned to the circuit without prior technical inspection
- Riders may re-join the circuit once the bike has been inspected and cleared by a technical officer
- Race direction will advise a brief stoppage at the half-way point of FP1 so bikes can be recovered and inspected, before restarting the session as soon as possible.

Full statement:

"Riders who fall from their machine are not permitted to continue in the practice session or race until passed fit by a Medical Officer (note: at BSB events there are Medical Officers on each corner around the circuit) and the machine re-inspected and cleared by Technical Control. Any infringement of this rule will result in the rider being disqualified from the remainder of the practice session or race and may result in further penalties.

"In the event of a practice or race being interrupted by a red flag, any crashed machines will be recovered and taken to Technical Control and released to the Team for repair. Once the repaired machine has been re-inspected and cleared by a Technical Officer a rider may continue in the restarted practice or race. In the second part of an interrupted race this applies to riders classified in the results of the first part.

"If five minutes before the 50% point of the duration of the BSB FP1 session there are machines that require recovering via the circuit the Race Director will advise that he will interrupt the session by displaying the chequered flag at the 50% point. The machines will then be recovered to Technical Control and the session restarted as soon as possible, lost time will not be added to the total session duration."

The new ruling comes into effect as of this weekend's Thruxton event.