Peter Hickman has paid the price for his outing with the FIXI Crescent Suzuki team in the latest rounds of the World Superbike Championship after he was released from his contract with MSS Bathams Kawasaki 'with immediate effect'.

Hickman was named as a shock late replacement for the injured John Hopkins for his home event at Donington Park, although the move didn't go down well with either Kawasaki UK or the MSS team that has been running him in the British Superbike Championship [See separate story HERE].

Hickman took a best finish of ninth on his two races on the GSX-R1000 during the Donington meeting [pictured] but has now paid the price for his decision to ride the Suzuki, with a statement from MSS Bathams Kawasaki confirming his departure.

"Following his decision to ride a rival manufacturer's machine at the Donington Park World Superbike event, Peter Hickman has breached his agreement with MSS Bathams Kawasaki," the statement read. "Neither the team nor Kawasaki Motors UK agreed to release the rider and the decision has been made to dispense with his services with immediate effect."

MSS team manager Nick Morgan said he felt the team had been left with no option but to release Hickman, with the search now starting for a replacement rider.

"I have always believed that an agreement - whether in written form or even a handshake between two parties - is binding and, in my opinion, implies a high degree of mutual respect," he said. "In breaking this, we regard our agreement as void. We will now actively look for a replacement rider to compete alongside Michael Rutter to continue to give the Ninja ZX-10R good results and exposure.

"As a team we wish Peter every success for the future."

Crescent owner Paul Denning has reacted to the decision via Twitter (@Paul_Denning): "MSS firing Hickman is a joke - how can you get fired from a job that doesn't pay you a single penny and for which you have no contract??"


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bloke gets offered a ride in world superbikes...hmmm I think I'll say NO... you bunch of complaining *****s. this is what these guys dream of. home race, top spec bike. I've never heard such armchair garbage in all my life. handshake this, contract it to your own sad miserable lives in your own jobs and see if you wouldn't make the same decision.

Paul Denning also tweeted that they approached MSS for permision and said "the initial reaction was not the same as today's stupidity".

I imagine MSS were initially ok with it based on not having a contract with Hickman and not paying him anything - I think it was probably when Kawasaki UK caught wind of things that it turned sour.

Complete prima donna drama queen over-reaction by MSS Bathams Kawasaki.

So that's: MSS, Bathams & Kawasaki .... ALL getting *their* names tarnished because someone in the organisation has no sense of proportion and wants to grandstand.

What Hickman did wasn't wrong, it was maybe a bit 'greyish' but did MNK no harm.

This is *meant* to harm Hickman
but its an own goal.
It'll end up hurting MBK far more.

Remember the sympathy for Lowes and the contempt for dumping him last season?

I GUESS PETER HICKMAN seen a oportunity and took it good for him,he will get another ride.Nothing ventured,nothing gained.

I've been saying it now for the last two seasons, but finally people are starting to see that MSVR will ruin it all before they've finished. Favouring just a few top teams and riders and leaving most of the others to fend for themselves is never a good idea Mr Palmer if your listening. If the loyal teams don't play then you don't have a show !!!! Take Quay garage, Rob Mac and GSE for instance, something must have been behind them staying away one would imagine.

Released him from what?
a none paying job on a non performing bike?
Probably purchased the leathers himself!
And if Higgs had anything to do with it what a joke they all really are.
I can believe Higgs is involved, can anyone remember the Guy Martin incident? then Guy took out an irish License, was that because Higgs had the ACU take his license off him?
Whatever you do now Peter good luck with it, i think your ability is far more than what the MSS bike allowed,
ie going on previous championships etc
I think when you are an unpaid anything your free time is your own,
i am just thankful MSS didn't have a wildcard (that would have been embarrassing) and don't anyone compare that bike with Syke's.

But had TYCO and Phil Dashey not sold out on Quay Garage and pulled the limited funding they gave them to go elsewhere with mega bucks.Then maybe Pete would still have been on that blade and by now have been putting it on the front row regularly.Ask some of your mates to send Quay Garage some funding then Phil and maybe we would be able to enjoy a team that do it for the love of racing back on the grid.

RE - phil dashey! could not agree more, i think you should sort that out for the lad, you could be a hero? please

Just goes to show how good the quay garage Honda team where last season And how good there bike preparation and team professionalism was .
Hickman should get back on that fireblade .

"Just watched NW200 practice on web
Rutter is riding a non-MSS bike and guess what leathers he is wearing? Yup, his BSB black & green Bathams MSS ones!!
Its bad that Rutter can ride other bikes with team/Higgs blessing but apparently Hickman cant!!!!
Posted by bigmart - Unregistered (4 hours ago)"

Sorry to point out the obvious but its still a MSS Kawasaki with a slightly different paintsheme-
9 SBK 1 Michael RUTTER Kawasaki - MSS Bathams Kawasaki 4:35.550 7.986 117.191 3 5 3