Multiple British Supersport race winners MAP Embassy Racing have revealed that their future in the championship is under threat after losing a significant amount of backing.

Embassy Racing, which also run a car in the Le Mans Series, are on the verge of the Supersport title at Silverstone this weekend, but the withdrawal of primary backer EFS Group, following 'catastrophic financial losses' in the last week, has left them needing to make up a shortfall of funds.

Coming just three weeks after announcing their plans to continue as the factory-backed Triumph outfit in the British Championship, as well as possibly branch out in the World Championship, the loss of EFS means this deal could yet unravel.

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The team's press release read as follows:

Team manager Myles Schofield has already negotiated retainers for all team personnel and is confident of putting together the logistical and operational support required to continue to run the team in the same manner as the so far highly successful 2008. Myles will be approaching team sponsors MAP and Triumph this week in the hope of securing significant support that could help persuade other interested parties onboard with cash assistance.